DKK 1.500,00

Glocal Educator Conference

25.11.2014 kl. 10:00 Ørestad Gymnasium, København S
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DKK 1.500,00

Re-imagining a Shared Global Future Through Education A unique one-day experience for professionals interested in global citizenship and learning development.


The 2014 conference offers a collaborative forum that facilitates long-term engagement in action projects between institutions, internationally; it aims to challenge, inspire and support.

It brings together teachers, school leaders, university academics, NGO professionals and government policy developers under a common theme of learning.  The conference is an opportunity for institutions and organisations from across a range of sectors to share ideas and practices that promote learning and innovation, which is critical to co-creating effective projects that develop a positive shared global future.

Participants attending the conference will benefit by increasing their understanding of:

Challenge of Global Interdependence

  • Global education and development goals and debates
  • Re-imagining citizenship in the interdependent 21C global society 
  • Implications for changing and managing futures
  • New approaches to the development of learning and civic competences

Leadership through learning  
  • Educators as learners
  • The intersection between teaching global citizenship and 21C interdependence
  • Classrooms as communities: dealing with diversity
  • Reimagining the routines re-wiring institutional thinking

Measuring Our Action
  • International trends in measuring action outcomes: learning analytics
  • Networked improvement communities
  • Measuring global agency

More information about the conference and the programme